Magnolia Bianca’s Fabric Walls provide the following benefits:

  • Exclusive: Individual and unique designs. Many colors and textures available.
  • Eco Friendly, Green Product: Made of all natural materials. Non-Toxic!
  • Added Insulation: Our Fabric Walls keep in the heat during winters and keep in the cool during summers. Reduce utility bills!
  • Improves Soundproofing: Impede noise from entering or escaping a room!
  • Enhances Acoustics: Our Fabric Walls absorb noise and improve sound quality!
  • Clean: Antistatic! Will not collect dust or dirt, no need to clean.
  • No Odor: Unlike with paint, there is no smell.
  • Hides Wall Defects: Covers up uneven surfaces, stains, cracks, etc.
  • Seamless: No seams, like with traditional wallpaper.
  • Long Lasting: This product is durable and will keep its original look for many, many years. Our Fabric Walls are not afraid of frost and do not fade in the sunlight.
  • Easy to Remove: No wallpaper remnants, leftover adhesive, or damage to wall surfaces. Our fabric wall coverings are actually reusable!
  • Permeable: Our materials allow walls to breathe.
  • Humidity Control: Our Fabric Walls absorb moisture and steam. Beneficial in rooms with high humidity, such as a bathroom. No more foggy mirrors or dampness! Our walls do not allow mold to grow!
  • Simply Gorgeous: Walls in 3-D. Soft to the touch and absolutely beautiful!

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